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June 04, 2005



The problem is that IGN's readership base is going to be heavily rooted in the hardcore male "school/workplace opinion former" category. So this purchase does actually make a lot of business sense for them.

However, you're still correct about the whole gender (im)balance thing. But I'm not convinced that too many big games companies are going to start diversifying their (often successful) portfolios just yet.

Perhaps someone needs to stick You, Aleks, Greg Costikyan and some indie developers in a room together. Perhaps Greg's much pined after indie revival can help bring appeal to both sides of the gender divide?


I guess it's okay to target the male gamer demographic as long as acknowledgement is made of the existence of a female gamer demographic -- which IGN aren't doing!

Do you read OXM, Alice? Last month's (June's issue) had a fabulous set of six full-page ads for Xbox Live, all themed on football and shooting things ("you've shot him in the feet, assassinated him, grenaded his feet off but you'll still buy him a pint") with nary a single "she" or "her" amongst the lot. Really disappointed me, though thinking about it I've never seen a single girl in GAME or the computer mag section of Borders...


"the most coveted of demographics... young adult males."

Wow. To have someone say: "Your money isn't as desirable as a man's money" makes me feel great.


So my beef was actually with the phrase "gamer and male lifestyle" as if they were exclusively connected. The "hardcore gamer" might be more appropriate.. or just 18-34 males.

For IGN it does make sense - they're as stereotypical as gaming can get. But for Sony et al, who are wider-thinking and further-reaching, this kind of phraseology doesn't help the many understand that games are not for the few.



Brin, it's probably more that their money is more valuable than yours. I wouldn't feel bad if Clinique coveted my money more than my mothers!

Jez, you answered your own question :) Why advertise gender inclusive products when only one gender (generally) buys your magazine. Would more women buy a games mag if it was specifically marketed to be inclusive? Sadly, I doubt it, the stigma is rather large...

Alice, Sony are mainly wider-thinking and further reaching because they are the leading console brand holder and they have to appeal to the casual demographic because all the hardcore have already bought their console. Money talks :D

Find a survey that will convince game makers that they can make a substantial profit from being gender inclusive and they might well do it. However, you have to ask, how many games a year does a casual gamer buy a year compared to a typical, hardcore, 18-35 male demographic member..

Blah, I'm rambling now :)


Chicken and egg isn't it. One gender will buy a mag if it's clearly targeted at one gender.

I'm just tired of phrases, statements or pictures that perpetuate this idea that games = for men. So, "gamer and male lifestyle" is my target here, as they are not exclusively connected.

If IGN want to go for only-blokes, then let them, like Maxim and Nuts and whatever. It's a pity though, it's easy to assume that much of a muchness is LIKELY to ensue, although there's always hope that someone out there will ask men what they want and men might say 'more varied games please'.

Go on men, say that :)

Leons Petrazickis

IGN's ignorance of grammar is actually working against them. "The gamer and male lifestyle" doesn't parse. It should either be plural -- "the gamer and male lifestyles" -- or explicitly sexist -- "the gamer-and-male lifestyle".

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