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June 03, 2005


Cherie Priest

Actually, Craftsman* has been making pink tool kits like that for decades. We've got one hanging around our office someplace -- a charming little relic that's older than I am, or so I've been told.

* [a well known tool company here in the states, owned by Sears - for whom I indirectly work]


This would be an interesting idea...if only the tools were tough enough to be real tools. Unfortunately, these tools look more like toys that would break after their first or second use.


I actually went off to college (some 8 years ago) with this pink tool set, the idea being not that I needed pink tools, but that pink tools would be the ones least likely pilfered by my engineering friends in the nerd dorm. Interestingly, I think the only thing I have left of the set is the tiny pink exacto knife. So, yeah... the repellent power of pink failed me.

As to the toughness of said tools... Like I said, pilfered by big, manly engineers, so they were at the very least passable.

Eleanor Kelley

Where can I purchased one of these tool kits?

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