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June 30, 2005



Dude, you've OBVIOUSLY never seen Cameron Diaz dance in spiderman y-fronts in the first Charlie's Angels movie...


See, you COULD give us some shit if we didn't do ALL the ironing, cooking, and most of the dish washing in the house. :(

Jeff Freeman

> Every boy in my school aged 6 had these very y-fronts...

What the heck kinda school was that, anyway?


WAHAHA geek, you're forgiven then ;)

Leons Petrazickis

If it makes you feel any better, I am a boy and I never use the boy-flap for anything. It's far easier to just move the elastic.:P




I wore y-fronts (primarily white) up to around age 12 when I felt grown up in proper briefs that meant you didn't have to fumble around and pull your willy through the flap to do a wee! How times have changed now eh?

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