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May 09, 2005



I wasn't "told games was a good career choice" either, I just stumbled into it because my previous job sucked! I'm not sure whether I'd recommend the industry as a "good career choice" even now, not given the relative lack of renumeration and seemingly ever-present threat of redundancy. I think that I'd tell any nephews or nieces to take a dedicated course in whatever interests them, and then get into the industry if that's still what they want at the end of it!


I agree entirely. A compsci degree will see you through a number of career options, as will design and art. A degree in games isn't going to be so good if you decide further down the line not to do games, eh.

I think the smaller universities attempt the specialities in order to stand out a bit, or differentiate themselves from the Big 10. Who knows whether it works or not - as I said, I don't think 100 applicants is very many!


I've got a compsci degree and even though I've been into computer games since I was a small girl, I never considered a games degree. After hearing about DigiPen and meeting a few people studying there I did briefly look into postgrad options in the UK, but it all seemed so Mickey Mouse to me, not to put too fine a point on it. Out of 100 students you'd only expect about 10 to be girls on a normal, well publicised, well respected comp.sci. degree course.. zero isn't too far off that, unfortunately.


Can't help but think that 3 years industry experience would be much more valuable than a gaming degree...

(assuming you had some basic understanding of your chosen field first of course!!)

As for women.. well that's one of my personal pet peeves with the IT industry in general. One can get quite bored of just talking to the same sex all day! Where's the gossip and the office liasons and politics :D


The IT University in Copenhagen, Denmark has recently started an MA program in computergame design, theory and programming.
Its international and from this autumn it will be called Multimedia Design and Games.

There are quite a few girls enrolled on that.
The aim of the program is very much to make people think independently about games and encourage them to go out afterwards and set up their own companies (that is - if they don't decide to stay and do a PhD in games research, which is also a big thing there).
I think that the variety of courses combined with the attitude makes it seem attractive to people of all sexes.

A main attraction for the course is also the fact that they have managed to gather some very influential names for the ITU Center For Computer Games Research.
These people are also doing all the teaching: Jesper Juul (theludologist), Gonzalo Frasca (watercoolergames - newsgaming), Espen Aarseth (gamestudies), TL Tayler (terranova) and currently Julian Oliver from Selectparks is also there.

I am taking it myself and can thoroughly recommend it to everyone - regardless of their sex.


I got accepted for this course at Derby. I'm going to Staffordshire instead though.

Edward Gossard

Like sitting in a chair?
Enjoy working 60->100 hours a week while your personal relationships rot away?
Game programming might be the career for you!

I don't think there is a gender divide, I wish someone could show these people just how empty and unrewarding a career in games programming is, but for the lucky few. If you want to write a game, do it yourself in your spare time, or start your own business. Life's too short to slave away for decades on the kind of shit that most games companies produce.

Plus Derby? Ha, what a dump that place is, nothing to do except fight with the locals and have a tour round the charity shops. Thank goodness they're teaching the useful skills of .Net Directx programming though - there is such a huge demand for that skill, if you want to write the next Mavis Beacon game.


" but industry researcher Lizzie Haines said the investment would be wasted without female students."

wasted without female students? Wasted?

how sexist is that woman, inferring that men are not capable without female students...

jesus. give me a break.


Oh shush, troll.

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