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April 26, 2005



Someone pointed out to me today that quoted US prices don't have Sales Tax added on..

So, taking away the 17.5% VAT from the converted UK price leads to $282, a $30 dollar difference.

Still getting screwed, but not quite so royally


"Someone pointed out to me today that quoted US prices don't have Sales Tax added on.."

Although if you order from an out-of-state retailer in the US -- Amazon, Outpost or the non-local site of your choosing -- you don't pay sales tax. Fact is, the conversion doesn't count for much, because it's more about local market positioning and the perception of value. Still, you could sell the PSP at £149 and it'd convince more waverers than at £180.


Well you could sell it for £99 if you wanted, but I don't think that the CFO of Sony would be too happy about it..

They've set out their stall, lets see how they do. I'm betting that they'll do pretty well, and then lower the price come January and do even better..

jay vaughan

listen, much as you brits might like to think so, the United States of America is NOT the same place as the United Kingdom. therefore, you cannot associate the cost of an item in one country with the cost of the same item in another.

consumericans, you do not live in the New World Order your feeble minds think you do!!

the UK has *different* laws for manufacturers, and importers, than the USA does.

the UK has entirely different sets of import and excise duties than the USA does. you know what 'excise' means, right? i mean, you think you're qualified to talk about these so-called 'consumer rips', but yet you have no clue what the UK legal system enforces on manufacturers?

who are you to say that the increased cost of the PSP in the UK is not --entirely-- due to your own governments' repressive importation and excise treaties on the sales of consumer goods?

eh? what? you don't know anything about the costs mfr's have to go through to sell stuff in the UK? excise is not a word you have any clue about?

then, quit whining. as a matter of fact, you --are-- being screwed royally. by your own governments import and duties laws!! which Sony are complying with!

so you want Sony to foot the bill for your governments' "cut" of the product import fee?

pfft... brits. honest.


Yes dear. Have some chocolate.


You think the UK prices are bad, think about the poor Australians and Kiwis.

I do the comparison to the cost of the DS (which nicely makes jay's argument void).

In the US and Japan, the PSP is 1.6 times the price of DS.
In the UK the PSP is 1.8 times the price of the DS.
In Australian the price ($430) is 2.15 times the price of the DS.

Ive yet to hear an explanation for that differential.


I might import a psp from the USA but im not sure if you would be able to connect wirelessly with UK PSP's when they are released.
Can Someone tell me?


PSP's would also be cheaper if you bought them from the USA. £70 cheaper in fact

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