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April 29, 2005



Given their focus on the ability to play through plots alone or with a hand picked group, I imagine GW may attract more than just the teens. When I heard they were planning releases of new content every six months or so, I assumed you'd need to pay for it to play it, and that would more than cover maintenance.

I have to admit I'm very curious about it myself. I'm kicking myself for passing on the beta due to my obsession with WoW at the time.


Hey Alice,
Are you going to check it out. I played it last night. It was kinda fun. My understanding is that they will get their cash by selling expansion packs. You won't need to buy the packs to keep playing, but all the cool kids will be doing it.


I've been playing Guild Wars off and on since the E3 world wide event last year. It's a GREAT game bringing many of the aspects of MMO's that people like and ditching the worst part, the monthly fee.

I didn't get the pre-order (I'm a college student. Money's tight. :P) but I'm going to the store in about an hour to pick up my copy. The best part of the no monthly fee is that this lets me keep playing CoH while picking up a new MMO. The only reason I don't play WoW is I can't afford two monthly fees. Yay for Guild Wars avoiding that.

Also, they will be selling expansion packs to up revenue, but there will also be large amounts of free content. Due to the patching system they use the server never actually goes down to be patched. Worst case scenario for a standard patch is that you'll have to restart your client. Of course if something goes REALLY bad then the game might go down, but standard patches won't require the server to be down for 5 hours ala EQ or DAoC.



And Mr C, yep I'll be checking it out. I'm going to wait till I'm back in London though, this being on the road business is really cutting into my play time ;)
I'll pick up a copy on Monday, probably.

They wiped all the beta chars, right? Everyone starts afresh?

Cor. I'm looking forward to it.


all the beta chars are gone for good...
see you there Alice.

Wonderful site here ;)


Yeah, beta characters were wiped. Not TOO great of a loss really since most of the low level content is the same so you can power through it pretty fast. In the time since I got the game yesterday my elementalist/ranger is now at level 7 and about to leave the newbie areas. :)

The game's a ton of fun! Let me know if you need any help Alice. :)


Ordered. Amazon says it'll take a week...



Bought today, having lots of login server problems :(

Patches downloaded fine, but just can't get past the class selection screen :(

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