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March 10, 2005


Ranieri Argentini

Hub and pinch point:

Areas where your characters are relatively free to move around (hubs) connected by a single path in story-space that they are forced to go through (pinch point) to keep the story (and therefore the storytelling) consistent.

James Wallis

Hub and pinch -- is, I believe, a design technique derived from writing solo gamebooks. The narrative path is non-linear but chunky -- within each chunk of the story the character can do more or less what they want but there are intermittent plot-hubs that the character must pass through to progress to the next chunk of story. If you trigger a long cut-scene, you've probably reached a hub. The 'pinch' is the clever-clever bit where you shoehorn the player towards the hub without them noticing that they're being led by the nose.

I could be completely wrong.

David Gaider

No, both those definitions work very well, in fact.

Mea Culpa

Excellent interview, well done and Greg, well laid out man I understand a H*ll of a lot more about "How Bioware Works"
Thanks and regards
Mea Culpa

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