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March 14, 2005



Love your blog, shoot me an email I'll buy you a martini while you are in town.


Tssch... There are actually decent parties, some corporate (if Second Life and Puzzle Pirates count as corporate)... but you have to know folks. Although I was a bit taken aback by the speaker party, at Fluid, apparently a "cool" local dance place--we are geeks, we wanta talk, we don't want to hang out at some club, no matter how cool, with music so loud we have to scream at each other, and local SF hipsters coming in in bondage gear and striking cool poses. Give me a a quiet Irish pub with Guiness and conversation any day.


I really love the throughness of your blog!

I thought it was less of a marketing engine a la E3 so that was gratifying and yet a lot of meeting of minds with a great focus on developing games; as opposed to merely marketing games.

Too bad it is going back to San Jose next year and the forseeable future. I think having GDC in San Francisco lent more places (read: Bars, Stores) to go and hang out within walking distance instead of having to (Ugh.) drive to a mall.


I was more referring to the Official party, Greg - I went to some cool ones, but they weren't anything to do with the list price of the conf, which was my small gripe. I'm always of the opinion that a conference should include a large, multi-roomed and multi-themed party with unlimited alcohol and small food!

And thanks Tony! San Jose - agreed - very dull. ETech (where I am now) used to be there, and has since moved to San Diego. It makes a difference!


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