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March 11, 2005


Robert 'Groby' Blum

Gotta do a bit of advertising for one of my colleagues here - he wrote a plugin for WoW called "AlphaMap". Transparent map overlay while running around!. You do want Cosmos *and* AlphaMap and life (at least on WoW) is bliss.

See http://drunkenlords.com/ui.php for the download.

Rob Stevens

I've been using Cosmos since Day 1, and I wouldn't play without it. If it's any indication, many of the features associated with Cosmos have been so popular, Blizzard is implementing them as permanent features.


Cosmos, while a nice introductory UI package, is also known as the least stable compilation package. Furthermore, most of their improvements are cribbed directly from other WoW UI developers, with little or no credit, most of which are better outside of Cosmos. Also, the sections of code that the Cosmos team did write, they purposefully obfuscate via code-munging. This despite the fact that the most popular pieces of their package were written by other people!

I started with Cosmos but am much happier now installing a bunch of smaller modifications. If you have the time or interest, check out ui.worldofwar.net or www.curse-gaming.com and find the mods that you want.

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