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September 24, 2004



MS realise that there is sod all growth potential for them in the markets that they already control.
So, the quest for the domination of the living room looms large (and yes, the information superhighway yadda yadda convergence is inevitable).
Interestingly, when MS talk about Live evolution, they often mention the continuity of a given game across multiple hardware generations. Halo1 on XBox5 anyone? Hmmm. Could perhaps spell good things for cybersport.


That hatter looks pretyy dangerous btw. And I'm _convinced_ that Tenniel was the inspiration behind "Donnie Darko". Spookdom.


Ah ha! You too, huh? I'm waiting for people to actually notice the controller and the quake symbol.


You know, there is another quake symbol on the page. Its location may prove distracting to some...
Not that subtle a joke - but hey it's a Friday night, you're not supposed to care :)

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