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March 08, 2013


Mike Loven


as a resident of Austin, I beg you, don't go to Salt Lick. I know it makes a lot of the "Best BBQ in x City" lists, but it really isn't that good.

Franklin Barbecue ( is about the best you can get if you're into brisket, but it's hard to get (they tend to always have a line, and they always sell out of their brisket).

If you're in more of a hurry, Rudy's ( makes a damn fine brisket (and turkey, and baby back ribs), and the line will be much more manageable.


Iron Works.BBQ is close to downtown and is consistently tasty.


Koriente or South Congress Cafe are my favorite. Food trucks on 4th street are also a blast.


What Mike said. Ruby's rules. And it's NEXT TO TOY JOY! See the SpiderDuck! Buy the Inverting Turkey Hello Kitty!


Thanks very much for the tips!

We did go to the Salt Lick - and it was an Experience (and salty) - but it won't be the last bbq we eat, so Rudy's for tonight is a Plan. Thanks again.

Off to ToyJoy on Weds!


Too late now, but check out ChiLantro next year: Korean-Mexican fusion food trucks. My favorite is the Bulgogi Beef Kimchi French Fries Burrito, which sounds insane but is totally awesome.

Loved the Makies, by the way, and my daughter loves the iPad app (50 Makies in three days and counting...)

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