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July 30, 2012



I remember taking my kid to DC 8 years back and thinking that while I saw no other kids, the crowd was rather kid friendly. Kudos to the scene for making this kind of story a reality...


Thanks for the review. I have always been interested in DEFCON, but I'm no coder either, so I've never been sure if it was something I could go to without some kind of cred. After reading this (and following your tweets), maybe now I will go sometime!

Keep up the great blogging and tweeting. Lonnnng-time fan here!

Kim Pallister

Had no idea they had so much for kids there. Great!

We have that snap circuits kit at home. Highly recommended for 5+ kids.

Classes on lockpicking?! When I was a kid I had to ride my bike the library and get a book on the locksmith trade to teach myself! (bah humbug! kids these days! etc etc)

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