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June 21, 2011



Check out Blockland. It's a multiplayer lego sandbox, albeit an unofficial one. I believe it was around before minecraft was.

Tom Armitage

The thing Minecraft has that Lego doesn't: it has systems. Like, not just batteries and motors, but systemic play: ecosystems, day/night, crafting, monsters (if you want), and the act of constructing a mine you can get out of in order to get the stuff you want.

It's not just taking a pile of bricks in one format and re-arranging them; it's finding a way to generate those bricks from within the system and then re-distribute them (without dying, if you have monsters on).

This is why I really like the MC stuff that's been built in world, and loathe the stuff that's just clever map editing. It's also why a pure-creation Lego sandbox is not nearly as fun as just having a bucket of bricks - because it's harder to use for the same reward.

Having to craft the bricks yourself first turns it into a totally different game.

(And now I think about it: the scale helps! It takes ages to navigate around these because they are BIG. Lego is small, and shrinking your viewpoint never gets away from the fact that my brain always sees it as modelling, rather than construction/earth-moving).


Lego Universe really isn't comparable. There was a lot of promise of sandbox type public areas and communal build experiences during the dev and hype period, but for now it is mostly quests and achievements via battle in the public areas, and out of the way small single builder properties for models and structures (which offer programmatic behaviors).

Construction is much easier in minecraft. The scale of the elements you work with, their being regular cubes, just makes it a lot easier. The server doesn't try to be massively multiplayer.

If you are really geeking out on minecraft, download the server bit, it's easier to grant resouces that way (tnt for building cannons, iron for railways). Existing single player save games can be dropped into the server's save area in the file system.


Looks more like Ooop! cf Microserfs




Have you seen my wonderland custom map?

juan diego

i like nyan cat

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