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January 13, 2010



Yay! Post tights. I got my amazing squid tights from them - http://www.flickr.com/photos/lizardian/4118593863/

Good luck with the sewing, I'm trying to graduate from hand sewing to the machine myself.


Fancy that! @ritajking got a sewing machine for xmas too!

My resolution: I want to raise honey bees in 2010. And grow blackberries.


Screw number 6. The English language was given color so that you may paint the damned canvas!


There are enough of us doing yoga these days that we could arrange our own nerd ladies classes.


What's wrong with "woo! look!" ? OK, you can post a little more in-depth but I didn't come here to think; I came for the entertainment!


Haha! I meant "more than just" rather than "more than". I couldn't possibly keep up a higher thinking-posts ratio to woo-shiny ones, never fear.


Hmm, those tights are almost literally asking people to stalk you. Is that wise?


Sounds suspiciously like my resolutions. Except my number 2 is "listen to friends talk about their yoga" (I find that easier than actually doing it myself) and 6 is "start swearing more in public." Zounds. (A sub-resolution is to use more archaic speech that means Sweet Fanny Adams to anyone else.)
Learning to sew, though - been meaning to do that for years... I have some patterns and material around someplace...

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