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April 30, 2009


Mr Tom

Yeah, I still need the cr0wned achievement... But part of the fun is freaking out when you see a witch!


I learnt rather painfully at a recent LAN party that pro clans spend hours and hours on private servers practicing how to crown witches.

And how to shoot through walls at all the normal ganking spots...

Lamer pro gamers!



I failed to cr0wn her, but I did manage to torch her.

Maybe in a few weeks :)


The worst is when her pathing bugs and falls off a ledge somewhere -- you then spend the entire rest of the level with the witch screaming at max volume.

You also can't hear the tank when it inevitably arrives...

Mr Tom

The worst time was when I was playing in the Eurogamer tournament. I got to be the Tank in NM4, but it spawned me off the edge of the building, so I was stuck at the bottom... Harmless and annoyed!


The first time I heard the Witch I stood up, ripped off my headset, threw down my controller and went into the bathroom to cry*.

*that is probably a lie.

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