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June 21, 2008



It's a play on OMM's "Time To Crate". I think Ron Gilbert was first to make the connection, in relation to the Spore editor. I'm not sure where else it would be applicable, but then again I'm not sure I *want* to know.


Someone else on your mailing list might have already mentioned this but I have heard that as "Time to Cock" which is originally attributed to Jeff Freeman. Unfortunately the original posts seems to have been eaten by time but here is an ancillary post related to it: https://mmocodex.com/blog/?p=8029


Content may change during online play

TTP's definition is news to me, thanks.

Andrew Armstrong

Spencer hit the nail on the head :) I've seen plenty of rubbish whenever anything the user created is allowed - sprays in Valve and UT games, obnoxious army titles in Dawn of War, people's own user names, and a whole host of modded content - sometimes stupidly sexual, sometimes seriously sexual.

Typically immature, but it does depend. I'm sure that EA will try and clamp down on it though.

Mr Tom

A couple of NSFW creations for you. The first was a day 1 creation by someone, and I think it the very definition of TTP.



Is there a corresponding "time to boobs"?

Tom Parker

TTP is far too many other things as well..


(although to me it will always be 'TOS Takes Parameters')


First time I'd ever heard this phrase was out of UO, also attributed to John Freeman. Rubenfield's got a few amusing anecdotes about it.


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