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June 21, 2008


Mr Tom

I used to joke that when I first started playing TF2, but after extensive play as Pyro I think his/her voice is a bit too deep.

Unless she's a big butch lesbian I suppose...


Or a whisky drinker.


Yeah wasn't there some talk a while ago about the locker rooms showing her mask hanging and a purse inside the actual locker?


Yeah, there are pics of a pink purse with a daisy on it in her locker.

Mr Tom

A purse does not a woman make. Even a pink one with a daisy. If Pyro is a man, he might be gay. Into S&M as well by the looks of things.


Oh come on. What is up with all this ridiculous stereotyping? One doesn't necessarily have to be a butch lesbian to have a deep voice.


Tom seems to be completely set against Pyro being a girl... maybe someone playing as her kicked your arse, tom? :p

Mr Tom

Not at all. Pyro is my favourite character. Hmmmmm... Maybe that's it.

Oh and I thought TF2 was all about the ridiculous stereotypes.


you know, I know some pretty flaming queers but not one of the guys would be known to carry a pink purse with a flower on it. Unless, they are cross dressers but that would be a whoooooole other can of worms for TF2 :D


Obviously pyro isn't a girl , because Valve is sexist ^^


One word, Anon. "Portal"


valve's pyro description was that

'Some believe his occasional rasping wheeze may be an attempt to communicate through a mouth obstructed by a filter and attached to lungs ravaged by constant exposure to his asbestos lined suit'

so it is possible that the pyro is a girl, but his (or her) voice got destroyed by breathing in too much asbestos

prometheus fox

'Some believe HIS occasional rasping wheeze may be an attempt to communicate through a mouth obstructed by a filter and attached to lungs ravaged by constant exposure to HIS asbestos lined suit'


Prometheus... Does that really mean anything after the lead developer called Pyro a her?

They've called pyro both a her and his, so who's to say.

To everyone else: Have ya'll ever tried talking through one of those air filters?
Those little toys cause quite the bit of distortion. Coupled with the ravaged lungs.... It could go any direction as far as gender is concerned.


Oh Prometheus, one more thing. After that excerpt you put up there, the bio says something along the lines of this "...If he even is a man"

Ah... They know they are playing with us haha~

Funny thing is...even though I'm defending pyro to be a girl, I'm leaning to pyro being a he. But it's a shame if there's no playable female class.


Here's just what i think after some research.

- Points in favor of Pyro being a Male -

- The Pyro's body is of no female figure
- The Pyro does not sound like a female
- The Pyro does not run like a female
- The Purse is not the Pyro's
- Hadouken Taunt

- Points favoring a Female Pyro -

- Gas Mask Distortion
- The Purse in his locker
- 1976 Flame Retardant Suit

Let me back up why the Pyro is a male.

- If the Pyro where female would valve really make her a fat, sound like a man, have a hunched back and perform a street fighter technique from a male character? The Purse if no one has noticed is featured in the Meet The Spy video. The purse was shown in one of the pictures that the spy places on the table. The purse belongs to the scouts mother.

Let me back up why the Pyro is a female.

- Gas masks do distort speech a lot, that purse is very convincing that he is either a homosexual or a female and above all the 1976 flame retardant suits where designed with a wired cage. It would make even the skinniest of people look big, bulky and fat.

Overall i believe that the Pyro is a male.

But, i suppose we will all see when the Meet The Pyro video comes out.

This giant fuss over the Pyro's gender was no accident. I believe valve wants us to be all in great wonder.


This stereotype is getting really silly.

Carrying a purse does not make a man homosexual, weird perhaps, but not homosexual. In fact, nearly all crossdressers are actually straight. Metrosexuality is also a straight fad. On top of that many gay males like masculinity, as that's what they're attracted to, so doing things like carrying a purse and such would be highly emasculating.

As for Pyro being a girl. I think that would be quite amusing, although, I wouldn't be suprised if Valve was just messing with everyone.


....I imitate the hadouken move all the time and I'm a girl. I don't understand how that favors him being a boy.


Watch ''Meet the Pyro'' in youtube, it tells that Pyro is mom of Scout and that she is a female :D


yah but that isnt the official Meet the Pyro, I saw it too. It was made by a group of obsessed fans, not Valve.


And wikipedia.org say that valve hasnt announced it yet, there just confusing us to make us more excited for the 'big bang'. And wikipedia seem to think Pyro may be a Robot.


pyro is a girl. on the tf2 menu ( PC and Mac) it says "why don't you give her a shot" to try and beat a record


It's official, on the TF2 updated menu (which shows something different each login) it says "PYRO: Why don't you give her a shot to try and beat a record". Hooray!


tf2 menu proves nothing. it alternates between her and him when it says you should give him/her a try..

Looney Tik

There is no guarantee we'll know if the pyro is male or female when valve releases the video.

From the 'meet the team' page, click pyro & on the unreleased content page:
"As revealed in an interview with Robin Walker by the podcast Kritzkast, Meet the Pyro will be a look at the world through the Pyro's eyes."

I don't know if the world will ever know. ...I am curious, but I think part of the fun is not knowing. It gives valve something to taunt us with and it's interesting to see people's opinions on the matter in discussions like this. ;o)


but the pyro being a girl isnt the only one mystery about him/her, what about being a robot, an alien, a mexican...


The pyro is a girl, This is concluded by a majority of forums that have discussed this same topic and from what i have read The pyro is infact a SHE, thats right. The proof is in the pudding and i have alot of it.

I.E.: https://img16.imageshack.us/img16/4607/pyroisagirl.jpg

This was quickly changed after the beta was released also there is a achievement for the pyro that says "Why not give her a shot?" in the Beta.

Also, on a update for the sniper it says "She'll be inconsolable" which is clearly stating that the pyro is infact a girl and valve quickly edited the article afterwards.

This source for my Info is located here: https://www.giantbomb.com/team-fortress-2/61-18162/pyro-officially-a-girl/35-242745/

Credit to the people for the pictures.

I am sure its a girl because of the stance the pyro makes when she loses (You know that stance with her hips out).

I'm not saying this is a definite fact but I'm convinced that the pyro is a girl.

that guy

you guys are complete morons and valve is taking control of that. have you ever noticed the pyro standing ***************** in meet the medic (i censor it because morons dont deserve to know well kept secrets). i am intelligent and can see right through it.either one, he is watching you guys debate,and in the end he will look at your points and decide which one is better supported(and he probably is offended that you are calling him sexist when, really nobody knows valve)and the winner will become the sex of pyro. either that or he'll just wait till you stop debating and let the truth out to the public(probably in a cleverly hidden way). this is my last word in this and i really hope you take some time to consider what i am trying to say, since i am wasting my time explaining it to you morons. Thank You ;) BAI!

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