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February 07, 2008



Oh my god, cuteness overload. Want!

tom armitage

oh gosh I want that so much. Shame it's a one-off.


Glad to be of service!



You're supposed to be having a rest...

james h

Those are completely brilliant.

Also congratulations!


OMG that little fella is nearly as cute as the project below.


Impossible, Matt, we're perma jacked in ;)

(She was sleeping, blissfully, so I took advantage...)

I can't imagine LBP won't do a full line of plushies. Those characters are a goldmine.


Grats with the 9lb 6oz Poesy...


oh my god!!! they are so darn cute why didnt they make more :(


is their a pattern for him? cos i want 2 make 1


Hey everyone
There is a sackboy on ebay!
Take a look. he actually looks pretty decent.


I would love to have the pattern for this sackboy so I could make one of my own. If it's at all possible please email it to me!


i would love to have this pattern for my bf he loves sack boy if u could email it to me that would be really kind thank you very much


I don't think there is a pattern for him! One of the artist's mothers made that little guy. Clever lady!


Wow, your sackboy looks great!
Very cute!


Want an Official Sackboy Doll?

Visit: http://www.squidoo.com/Sackboy


Get your copy of the Sackboy knitting design at the following link:

Visit: http://www.squidoo.com/Sackboy


Hi I love your little big planet people! Can I get the pattern?

Jesus Hernandez

You guys might like to know that the Alan Dart ‘Sackboy’ knitting pattern is available for FREE download courtesy of Simply Knitting magazine at http://www.massgsm.com/knitting.html

Jesus Hernandez

Knit your own little Sackboy - Free pattern download.
This pattern was created by Alan Dart and makes a wicked-looking Sackboy that stands a decent 27cm high. Knitting pattern courtesy Simply Knitting magazine and The Sun who made the PDF available for public download at http://www.massgsm.com/knitting.html

ice yarn

very good is for childrens.I saw in my friend's hand in Turkey.that looks very nice and colorful


i wouled bye the dragon one off you for $30


I have tried and tired and tried to knit this, I have got the head, body, legs, even the arms... But every time I come to the fingers, the whole things goes horribly wrong.

I can do the thumbs, no problem, it is with the next load of strange instructions that I lose it completely....

Such a shame, my half-created Sack boy with have to live his life at the bottom of a knitting bag.


wow it is so cuuute!!!! :D where ca nicuy one??


I bought one for a friend as a gift off ebay. The woman selling these did a great job knitting it:


I want 1 of these!!


these sackboys on ebay are so cute. she even makes frog suit ones (like mario rbos almost!)

Leiha Nichole

My dad recently tired to find me a sack boy stuffed animal for Christmas, but when he couldn't find me one, he got an old sweater and made one himself! I love it because it is Little Big Planet and because he made it himself... It is the only one like it!


my grandma made me a sackboy for christmas it was realy realy good

Sera Hunter

Please show me how to make it!


Wow is that for sale i'll pay top dollar or is thier another imean wow i love LBP (Little Big Planet). Most people are into Modern Warfare 2 But i guess thats because Little big planet is esclusivly to plastation only. i mean who dosen't love Sack Boy or the video game.Plese respond Friendlyfriend.

Waspin(PS3 Name)

Mark Sandoval

I love sackboy and i would love to get one for my girlfriend and me but its hard to find one. I love how yours came out can you tell me the pattern please so i can make them. Thank you if you can

Neil--B4--Me (Gamer ID)

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