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January 29, 2008



looks very interesting. i loved the idea.
i hope they are fast to give out some beta invitations, thanks for letting us know.

Miguel Young

very interesting, indeed
thanks for the link

from the multitude of blogs a read everyday, yours turns out to be one of the most interesting (and useful, mind you). Great links, great news.

just spreading some well-deserved love ;)


Oh man this sounds so cool, even my boring roomate thought this sounded awesome.

Me want. I signed up for beta. ^^


Part of me thinks this may be a cool idea. The other part of me wonders if this is just a "fun" way to harvest data on surfing patterns.


Interesting, I'll certainly give the beta a shot...


Rich - the privacy issues were one of the things that got me interested in the first place. In the BBC prototype, one of the core ideas was that in order to level up, you'd learn about protecting your data. It was cool.


p.s. thanx Miguel, you made me blush :)


Well, I've signed up for the Beta so I guess I may know soon enough.


Site is down?


Frankly, the game's a wonderful idea but it's lacking in execution. Be prepared to have whining messages in your inbox if you dare lay a mine the holy sanctity of BoingBoing or a news site. The "missions", often user-created, are often little more than showcases of that user's personality or esoteric interests. It lost its charm in about 3 days for me. Nice try, though.


PMOG died, from mismanagement, perhaps.

Like the first version of Star Trek, that the networks killed, and made a comeback, or like Netscape which became Firefox, thenethernet has gone opensource.

It is phoenixing itself here:
(click 'There is still some usefulness here' to request admission to beta testing)

Chat here: irc://freenode/nova-initia
http://tnnrefugees.ning.com/ for more information
or http://news.thenethernet.com/ .

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