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December 19, 2007



Ooh. Awesome! A significant advancement over Steam, it seems.

Mr eel

You're not missing much. I have an account and it's less than compelling. The UI is not particularly nice. Low contrast with too little emphasis on the important parts and some really ambiguous labels which make it hard to know where to go.

As for the actual features… um. Really there isn't much there. You can build a game library from those already in the system, but I couldn't find the option to add any that aren't there already.

Really I think the value in a site like this is getting honest reviews on new games and in discovering older interesting games. There doesn't seem to be much emphasis on that however.

It's possible that it's become more interesting in the interim, but I came away feeling unimpressed.

Peter Kasper

There is http://www.vigster.com which looks to be a true social network offering a lot more than most gaming networks.

Unlike weplaythis (according to mr eel) there are tones of games on vigster and you can create your virtual game shelf, you can even add your own games if they do not exist.

Though its still pretty new there are other services offered by vigster including a knowledge base etc

Being a member am quite impressed with what I've seen so far and there more to come according to the promisses made by vigster.

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