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August 10, 2007


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Was very interested in this until seeing the registration fee. Oh well.

Michael Samyn

What 3D Web?


My previous comment was intended for this post.

Sasha Frieze

Hi Neil/Dragon,
Thanks for your comments. This year we're targeting business people, and for next year we totally want a much reduced price developer-style track. We really want to build community around virtual worlds in Europe, and appreciate your feedback. If you send me your email address, I can make sure you get a discounted pass for next year. Thanks,


Most corporate-oriented events are in this price range, some way more so (like PC Forum, et all, at the $6000+ range).

It's not a consumer event; for that I'd look at the London Games Festival and GameCity.


Understood. I knew it was a business/corporate event and was looking at it as such but as my company (headcount: me) can't afford to send me, I don't get to go. Then again, a developer track would better suit me I guess. I know that IBM are investigating this whole thing which means it's of some interest to me and, potentially, my clients.

I can't afford to go to Lotusphere either and that's even more directly relevant to what I do. Sometimes it sucks working for yourself.

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