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August 10, 2007



Was very interested in this until seeing the registration fee. Oh well.

Michael Samyn

What 3D Web?


My previous comment was intended for this post.

Sasha Frieze

Hi Neil/Dragon,
Thanks for your comments. This year we're targeting business people, and for next year we totally want a much reduced price developer-style track. We really want to build community around virtual worlds in Europe, and appreciate your feedback. If you send me your email address, I can make sure you get a discounted pass for next year. Thanks,


Most corporate-oriented events are in this price range, some way more so (like PC Forum, et all, at the $6000+ range).

It's not a consumer event; for that I'd look at the London Games Festival and GameCity.


Understood. I knew it was a business/corporate event and was looking at it as such but as my company (headcount: me) can't afford to send me, I don't get to go. Then again, a developer track would better suit me I guess. I know that IBM are investigating this whole thing which means it's of some interest to me and, potentially, my clients.

I can't afford to go to Lotusphere either and that's even more directly relevant to what I do. Sometimes it sucks working for yourself.

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