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August 04, 2007



Are you sure that's a Diablo cosplayer and not some random quasi-goth who wandered in from a nearby nightclub?


I'm positive I'm not some quasi-goth who just stumbled into the contest. Yes, I won probably because I was the only Diablo cosplayer there, but at least I tried. I'm sorry Bliizard's choice on two of the winners wasn't what you'd have chosen, but just because I didn't spend months on my costume doesn't make me any less deserving. I think I had a pretty good concept there, even if it wasn't an exact replica of the DII assassin.


I wouldn't know what the DII assassin looks like. It's been several years since I played that particular game, and even then I was always a necro...

But still, not to take a personal dig at you or anything but some characters and concepts make for better cosplaying.

Having said all that, my attempts at costumes have been lacking in the past (not tried cosplay though I'll be quick to point out).

Ah but never mind us, well done anyway!


I'll admit, there were some damn impressive costumes there. I walked up there not expecting to win at all, honestly. I think it also had to do with the fact there there were so many copies of costumes: Avatar Regalia priests, Judegement pallies, and 'locks of all shapes and sizes. My fiance, one of the Judgement pallies, and I both agreed that I probably got into one of the 2nd place spots based solely on the fact that I cosplayed someone from DII. :shrug: I'm always the weird one.


The server meet-ups were upstairs. It seems a bunch of people missed out on the second floor stuff.


There isent an official posing location though if you know the convention area from Anime expo you would think it would be the area outside with all the concrete benches/ smoking area, thats where all the cosplayers meet for pictures.

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