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July 30, 2007


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Had a smug grin on my face after watching this. Not because it was particularly funny (though it does have a certain charm to it), but because it vindicates my complete abstinence of MMO games. [via Wonderland]... [Read More]





Lovely & funny & a little scary..

Pete G

Really good quality for these kind of things.

Seb Potter

Got to agree with Theresa... brilliant and funny, but just close enough to the bone to be a little freaky. Hope there's going to be more!


Loved it! 90 percent of the people I work with would totally identify with this.


intriguing first ep.. loved Blade's setup

between this and the drama on the latest ep of purepwnage, everything's coming up WoW


Thanks for the support everyone, especially Alice for mentioning the show! Next episode should be up late next week!


subscribing as i type this :)

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