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July 18, 2007


Tony Walsh

Predicted in the 2005 blog post "Massively Multiplayer Personal Productivity" by Steven Frank:

"I've never had a problem creating to-do lists and I definitely have the organization fetish. My biggest problem is to stop procrastinating and actually do the to-dos. What I need is an incentive!"

"So, clearly, what I need is a specialized PIM app, where each task can be assigned a certain number of experience points. Maybe if I, say, replace the furnace air filter, I get a chance at a certain amount of gold or silver."

Adrian Crook

Excellent! By the time my kids are old enough to have chores, this sort of game will be incredibly evolved and much more captivating - making my job as a parent way easier.



hello! where do i find that game?!? so cool!


I would personally follow the link in the post that says Chore Wars. Bit too obvious for you is it?


this game is realy cool how much people play it

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