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June 28, 2007



This is a great blog, can't believe I haven't come across it before! Thanks for posting the panel discussion, sounded really interesting.

Anyway, back on topic - have there actually been any successful transmedia MMOs as yet? LotRO seems to be doing pretty well, but SWG and The Matrix Online were pretty disastrous, Warcraft successfully moved from RTS to MMORPG but that doesn't feel like a huge leap when compared to cinema/TV to MMO - that would be a real achievement. I guess MTVs Virtual Hills/Laguna Beach is currently the benchmark??

Anyway, I'm going to read more of the blog, you might have already covered this.


Thanks for the compliments!

The short answer is no, there's no list of successful transmedia MMOs yet. It's early days! LOTRO is doing okay, SWG did okay when MMOs were still nascent. Matrix was bad (altho I believe they're makign money since it's still going).

The point is - here I am using words like 'bad' and 'good', whereas we can't judge MMOs by subscription numbers; we should judge by profit, really. For instance, WoW costs a bucketload to run. It makes tons in profit too, so it's deservedly at the top, but that doesn't make SWG or the Matrix failures...

Anyway. Obviously the future is going to hold many, many more crossovers - especially with folks like Multiverse in the mix, who enable anyone to jump into the MMO realm.

It's going to be interesting!


Should be interesting to see how Warhammer Online does. I assume it already has a solid fan base and it doesn't seem a big stretch from table-top games/books to an MMO. Does that count as trans-media?

[*insert geeky admission to owning a whole load of Warhammer crap as a teenager here]

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