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June 20, 2007


mary hodder

Hi Alice,
I agree that it's not practical to educate everyone on copyright. The reason I said I take that opportunity at Dabble when people write us is because they are actively asserting an interest by making a claim.

But no.. I don't everyone needs to know the ins and outs. Just those that want to play in that arena.



The trouble with TV licensing is that it negatively impacts the financially disadvantaged... Failure to pay TV license fees is the number one reason for women in the UK to be in jail, usually as a result of poverty. This isn't an argument against TV licensing, per se, but it brings into doubt that the way it is legislated is sufficiently fair.

Best wishes!


Couldn't agree more that any license fee should be progressive. They've just reclassified the UK one as a tax (finally), so perhaps in the future it will be.

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