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May 05, 2007



Nice artwork, it look like Invader Zim!

An Entirely Different Jones

This is highly reminiscent of the old-school Worms games (oh how I miss them), with added multiplayer.

...and so very highly addictive. Curse you for the link. I was planning to get things done today.


Oh dear. And here I was just getting over my Desktop TD addiction. Well, it's not like I needed to get anything done, like, EVER.

I really love the dynamic backgrounds, though. Fun!


Ok, now you have me hooked too!

I'm leaving Desktop TD now.

Jon K

I am REALLY bad at this game! :o


Gah... damn you for finding this :-)

Jon K

OK.. this game officially tips the addictive scale! My very own single-celled organism, Divisive... he's hooked, oh yes :)

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