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April 27, 2007


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» Space Invaders To Cuddle from Kotaku
Contrary to popular belief, I'm not really a heartless person. Helping old ladies across the street, saving Hallmark cards and crying I'm so occasionally there. And these 8-bit alien plush toys? Adorable! Indie toy artists Amy and Jude... [Read More]

» Space Invaders som mjukisar from Smidigt
Bitz Pixelated Palz: 8-Bit Alien Plush Toys - Space Invadres som sköna små tygleksaker. De 18 x 18 cm stora och kostar cirka 170 kronor styck. Varje mjukisdjur är endast tillverkat i 25 exemplar. (Via Wonderland) ... [Read More]



Mmm, yummy! Very cool!


Aww those are awesome! Some of the hand made crafts people do amaze me with their quality.


I'm not impressed really. Especially not for $25 each.

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