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March 13, 2007


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» Will Wright's SXSW Keynote from Kotaku
I just got out of Will Wright's keynote here at SXSW in Austin; a packed ballroom, a gobsmacked crowd. We got a Spore demo - an on-the-fly, operated by Will Wright demo - during which we got to see Spore... [Read More]

» Will Wright at SXSW from Guardian Unlimited: Gamesblog
Will Wright's keynote at SXSW centres on story. [Read More]

» Will Wright's SXSW keynote: should games tell stories? from Boing Boing
Game designer Will Wright's keynote at the SXSW festival seems like a doozy: Alice of the Wonderland blog took close notes. Wright skilfully tackles the role of story in games: do games tell stories? How about players? Should they tell stories? This is... [Read More]

» Follow the story or Be the story from Brain Donkey - Technogeek
Will Wright gave his keynote speech at SxSW, speaking of his upcoming game Spore as well as talking about the concept of a story. Being told a story is why movies and TV shows and books succeed. They tell you a story that has a begining, characters, bu... [Read More]

» Will Wright on Spore at SXSW from
Will Wright, creator of the Sims and Sim City, talks about interactive storytelling, procedural content generation, simulating life and the power of computers as a catalyst for imagination at this years South by Southwest (SWSX) festival. I alw... [Read More]

» Will Wright Keynote at SXSW from Field Guide to Programmers
This really summarizes the reason I got into computers in the first place. I assume most programmers might say the same thing, even if we've forgotten about it somewhere along the way. Via Wonderland You can take any human technology... [Read More]

» Will Wright is a Creative Genius from NJ Boredom
Will Wright is a man of creative genius. If youve ever played Sim City, The Sims or any of the Sim games, youve played a game created by Will Wright. You may ask, So what if I played them? What makes them so important? Sim C... [Read More]

» Video Games, MySpace, and the Future of Storytelling from The Mechanical Eye
Film has been, for nearly a century, the primary mass storytelling medium - it's often said that movies replaced the literary novel, and the same writers who once would have written the Great American Novel end up working on the... [Read More]

» Will Wright At SXSW from Joystick101
[Photo by Jeff Croft, licensed under Creative Commons] Alice Taylor posted a great transcript of Will Wrights keynote from the SXSW conference the other day. Originally invited to talk about Spore, Will was more interested in talking about in... [Read More]

» SXSW Day Four, Tuesday from flashpoint
After Bust 2.0: Ten Years Later, Where Will We Be?Most of the optimism on the panel came from the fact that this time it's different. Bandwidth and hardware is cheaper, storage is cheaper, we know how to scale effectively, we... [Read More]

» Will Wright at SXSW Interactive 2007 from SWEATblog
Alice in her Wonderland blog took close notes of Will Wright's SXSW Keynote speech. In it Wright takes a close look at the contentious issue of storytelling in videogames. He states that "stories are about empathy and games are about... [Read More]

» Will Wright onGames from easily amused
Wonderland report on Will Wrights keynote speech at SXSW. He said a lot of things that rang true with me about the whole approach to games as stories. Story causes a chain and conveys it to a viewer a story’s all about the chain ... [Read More]

» Will Wright at SXSW Interactive 2007 from SWEATblog
Alice in her Wonderland blog took close notes of Will Wright's SXSW Keynote speech. In it Wright takes a close look at the contentious issue of storytelling in videogames. He states that "stories are about empathy and games are about... [Read More]


Jeff Mills

Holy cow, that was awesome! I wish I could have been there. Thank you so much for delivering Will Wright to all the unwashed masses out here, Alice. Was that your favorite keynote of the past two weeks, or what?

Saylah aka Lauren

Will Wright is the social game genius in my book. I will always lament that somehow EA/Maxis f'd up The Sims Online. I can't bear to think Will had anything to do with that poor excuse for a Sims game. *sigh*

My life would be complete - or rather I'd be willing to reliquish it, to a truer version The Sims in an MMO or "shared" experience environment. I like what Spore is about but I don't think it will be the game for me. I need fantasy and role-play where I can cast shadows of me on the characters I'm playing, and I can see myself playing a spore.


Will W is ALWAYS my favourite keynoter. His thing at GDC last year was great too...

Hopefully it'll release soon!



Genius though Will Wright undoubtedly is, I'm still not sure if either him or other gaming luminaries like Peter Molyneux have grasped exactly what a story is. Doesn't stop Spore looking amazing though.


Will isn't Joseph Campbell and his new game looks cute.


It really was an amazing speech - and your blogging of it is equally wondrous.
Thanks for this!

Elkit in Wonderland


That is awesome. What a great address. Thank you so much for reproducing it here!


Yr welcome :)

arvind s. grover

I would have to agree, Will Wright gave a stunning presentation. My writeup here. Will Wright is certainly one of the most brilliant people I have heard speak, but I was equally floored by Henry Jenkins and Bruce Sterling. Sterling was a perfect way to end SXSWi 2007, his podcast available here.

Matt Vance

There are now some video clips of Wright's keynote on the SXSW site.

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Bill Gates may be the richest man in the world (actually I think he was recently bumped, but rich enough), and perhaps he might even be called the quintessential businessman of the information/ computer age. But Will Wright is the philosopher of that age. As your post or any interview with him demonstrates (there was a great article in The New Yorker last fall), he’s doing far more than creating games here. He’s tapping in to what the rise of computers and web spaces have done to the wiring in our brains. He seems to understand what all of these changes mean long before anyone else. A lot of artists have tried to capture this new way of thinking, of making new sorts of stories for instance that utilize these new paradigms. But new artists are typically a whole new breed, set apart from those who practiced art before, and frankly I think Wright may fit the bill.


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