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March 06, 2007



And if it's a Disney DVD, you're also in for 12 minutes of trailers of their upcoming titles. I personally buy DVDs so I would NOT see ads. For some reason I haven't bought any Disney DVDs for a while.


OMG this is EXACTLY what i was saying over the weekend having gone to the cinema for the first time in like a year and fainted at the cost!

Why are there adverts in a cinema that you paid £9 each to get into? Why are they normal TV res when you get them? Why are there 3 or 4 spots telling you not to be a criminal? Why do DVDs have adverts??

So many questions...


I hate these ads! I am not going to pay for this any more.


I have a $150 Sony DVD player that can skip right past that track everytime. If anyone's interested, I can look at the model # when I get home and post it here. There's no reason to sit through that crap.

vacuum cleaner

Lol, that was well done. Pretty funny. I must admit, I also get annoyed when I buy DVD's and have to sit through commercials – especially those Disney DVD's. I love Pirates of the Carribean, but do I REALLY need to sit through all those commercials every time I fire that sucker up? REALLY Disney, PLEASE stop that. It's ridiculous. I bet Walt Disney himself turns in his grave every time that happens!

Not until businesses learn how to do business in a new way, will they REALLY be able to deal and curb the piracy problem. Time to start really THINKING guys!


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