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January 16, 2007



There's a lot of people in that picture, but not one single life.

I'm sure I see Mario queuing in that picture though. I'm surprised he has time to play WoW with Princess Peach getting kidnapped every other day.


Why are they happy? First time outside for months...

Why the gamer hate?

Why the gamer hate?

Not everyone who plays WoW doesn't have time for a life. Don't be so prejudice.


rofl DJ! Brilliant.

I was most impressed by the branding, frankly. It's a bit curious that "blizzard" is as big as "world of warcraft", but what the hell. Nice queue area, nice effort.


No hate here, just a lil jest.

Lost plenty of daylight hours to console RPGS, and besides this here is WoW territory boy ;)


Some of our guildies were up all night on Baelgun making sure we had the first draenei, belfs, etc., then ported to SW to dance with us. Damn Amazon and their slow shipping anyway!

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