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January 23, 2007


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» Bubble Bobble Street Art Makes Worlds Less Brown from Kotaku
It's the perfect cure for video games that are just too damned brown! Throw a little mashup of Bub and Bob on the outside of an historic bear garden and bring wacky colorful fun to passersby. That kind of fun... [Read More]



Poor Bub(or is it Bob?) looks about ready to kick the bucket, Must be all that pollution...


I've found loads of Space Invaders around Soho. Who put them there?


Maybe it's the same guy who puts Space Invaders up around Paris.

I want that Bob though. I love Bubble Bobble!


Here is one I saw in Paris in September.

PS I'm a first time caller, long time listener. :)

Trevor May

We were spotting Bub, Bob and all sorts of crap around Paris when we were there over the new year. :)

is anyone alse as excited about Bubble Bobble Double Shot coming out for the DS? I hope they don't cock it up as much as BB Revolution.


You can steer clear of Bust a Move DS as well, Taito needs to start making their own games again.


hahah that's cool. nice find.

unfortunately, bubble bobble revolution on the DS is crappy.

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