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November 13, 2006


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» Video Game Portraits (AKA "The Gamer's O-Face") from Kotaku
Bunching your face up into a ball, fine. Leaving your mouth gapping open, passable. But doing strange crap with your tongue? No thanks. Some photographer took photos of people playing video games "to reveal a hidden part of their character."... [Read More]



those are so hilarious!


Invincibility powerup pickup face maybe?


He's just about to catch the very last Pokémon

lol, those are great. Shame there's only a small number of shots though - would have been great to see the variation over a wider number of candidates.


Headshot-Coming-Up Face?

Nah. Money shot cumming on her face.


For a slightly different take on portraits of gamers, check out Todd Deutsch's work:
Really good stuff.


'Those DOA girls are jiggly!

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