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September 22, 2006



I heard that the new Gran Tourismo classic won't actually come with cars or track - you have to buy them in microstransations - and with hundreds of cars, and lots of tracks, you could end up paying up the wazoo for the complete game...

Is this why Sony aren't going through the central 'Live' style network - cos they will make their £15 a month of people via these kinds of micro-transactions (or major-ripoffs as I prefer the term)

Regardless of the above, the PS3 is way overpriced, and way behind the competition. At launch it's unlikely to display anything above and beyond what the 360 can currently turn out - you'll have to wait a couple of years for the devs to maxmise it - by which point it'll be cheaper but will have lost a good chunk of its original fanbase. Out of the group of Sony betatesters I play with (we have a clan with all members on the beta) only one of us is buying a PS3. Says it all really to me.


Thank you for your great article !
It was as being there but without any jet lag and boring stuff.
SONY is in hostage of herself and it's raw power. Those sequels have no real reason to exist. Nintendo Wii seems such a wonderful surprise, it will steal the scene for a year or so to say the least, until some new, fresh IP comes out of the mind of some good game designer.
Please no more sequels that update graphics and only other superficial aspect of gameplay !

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