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August 28, 2006



The frightening thing is, the only trend I can see here is that these "female-friendly" titles/franchises - once they hit - seem to have a solid lock on their customer base. You mentioned the Sims being top-10 since who knows when, and Nancy Drew has been similar. The past several titles have all made top ten and sat there a while.

ND, I'm told, isn't just sold to kids + teens. Supposedly resonates with an older demographic that grew up on the books. That's what I'm told anyway. I haven't seen numbers to back it up.

Will Maiden

"Glamour Life Stuff"

EA aren't even trying anymore.

tom armitage

Well, that pink PS2 is obviously going to be a key contribution to any swell in female gaming.

(Serious question: is it? I don't know; I find it a bit rubbish. I find the point of pink handhelds more obvious - co-ordination as accessory - but a pink box under your TV? I reeally don't get it...)


Part of me thinks EA isn't trying anymore. The other part thinks they might feel dont fix what ain't broke. Afterall, they deviated from the formula and drowned TSO before it every got off the peer.

It's nice to see women rocking games like WOW and EQII, but their ranks are a small % than I'd like to see. Marketing pink and fluffy items actually offends me as a woman, so any company that does that won't get my money.


19.99 pounds for LOTR:BFME II? Wish there was a Game in my neck of the woods...


Heh I seen a pink with flowers PS3 in a local store

Alison Angel

Diablo - is not for ladies! =)

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