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May 16, 2006


Michael Heilemann



Oh. My.

I need some book ends, and they are probably the most awesomely awesome ones I've ever seen. Thank you.

One problem, what the hell are... 'Dollars'?



Melissa Della


Okay, not $130 want, but still. Want!

Account Deleted

My son will love that bookend, Alice. He's a Star Wars fanatic like you (I presume). We all have our own bookends, actually. My husband's is designed as quotation marks, and mine looks like it's made of branches and leaves. It's actually part of my collection of iron home accents, which reflects my penchant for all things pretty and made of iron. Since I'm the one maintaining the house, I also got the whole place decorated with different pieces of iron home decor. They couldn't do anything about it!

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