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October 31, 2005



"such as Buffy, Lara Croft and Xena".

Rubbish, they're watching them so they can drool over Spike, or that Angel guy...

"football and FPS. If there were strong female leads in either of those genres, would the audience base change?"

Nope - you'd just get the addition of even more hard-up guys watching/playing for a completely different set of reasons...


hehehe, fair points both, even if they are pure ASSUMPTION AND CONJECTURE.


Pixel Kill

Acclaim did Mia Hamm Football though it didn't sell very well.


I asked around and the geek girl community seems to have the impression it has more to do with shows like BSG (starbuck and the president both kick ass). Me, I'm kinda skeptical; a 51% lead can just as well be statistical noise. I'm more surprised that for the last 8 years it's been a 60%-40% distribution.

Most of the girl geeks thought Buffy was a bimbo, Lara would suffer from back problems at an early age, and Xena was generally thought of as slightly scary (although they dug her sidekick but were unable to remember her name).


How about Joanna Dark of Perfect Dark as a strong female FPS protagonist, although Perfect Dark Zero isn't exactly getting rave reviews (or previews actually).

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