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July 21, 2005



hooey! the thing the psp is lacking is anything remotley like a playable mobile game. it's a very nice portable media centre, but it's an awful mobile gaming device. The developers are following the conventions of console, instead of creating mobile games. Didn't we have this conversation about 5 times already!!! ;-)


But... but.. It's white...

(yeah, yeah, I know)


Not with me yet, matt-san, but I agree, no good games yet.


pfft - now I have to get a white one too.


I want to see better developer SDK's so that a more mainstream pro-developer community can enter.

As a handheld gaming device for an adult my hands get cramped. Can someone make a wireless or usb controller (or do any existing ones work?)

Push for more Infrastructure games, not this radius adhoc crap.

No one I know owns a psp, its lackluster development cycle, and limited games or 1st gen developers is breakin my balls.


Jordan Noseworthy

%$#@ now i have to get a white one to!
Why did they make it white?
Not really a bad color on it tho.
when will it be out in north America

Jordan Noseworthy

Anyone want to buy a black psp i want a white one now.

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