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May 31, 2005



But is the playing field ten blocks wide? (This is vitally important. Most of the non-official Tetris watches had narrower fields, which is heresy to even casual Tetris fans)


I have the same watch only problem I have is that I removed the battery several years ago to replace it, and now have no idea what size battery i need.
I wonder if you know the battery size and if you could let me know?
Me deepest thanks if you could help me with this problem.


I think I've still got one of these around somewhere. Got it free through Pop Tarts years ago and loved playing it while in class.

Adrian Less

Hey Gerri:

I have one of these watches...the battery is a # 392.

Hope it helps




I just bought the watch for a friend...does anyone know how to set the time? i don't have the instructions!

richard moreno

Is one of you guys selling this cuz i will buy it


i got it from ebay


This watch was the best present I ever received! I played it ALL THE TIME as a kid, and still love it now!


Anyone know what year this came out? I am trying to pinpoint it so I can learn more about it.


This watch is a nintendo game watch and the information on the back of the watch is: plastic case and stainless steel back
m.z. berger co. inc.
1990 elorg/nintendo
assembled in china


I wonder if you know the battery size and if you could let me know?
Me deepest thanks if you could help me with this problem.


I have one for sale unused, with battery,instructions, in the FROM RUSSIA WITH FUN BOX

ronald van maas

know it's a while since you posted this and you probably sold the watch already...I want it for my 10-year old nephew, so if it's still available please mail me at ronaldvanmaas@gmail.com


the correct battery for these is a 389. (the 392 will work but its not the right size)


Does anyone know what the current value of these are? I mean I know they are worth whatever a person is willing to give u for them, but does anyone know what an average going rate for these are as of 2012???

I mean I know we are in a recession and all but that doesn't change how awesome the original Nintendo system was or how cool i felt playin tetris in class in second grade :) but after a while i felt like a fool bc all my lil friends started laughing at the big ass watch on my wrist. Actually the more i think about this watch, idk that im going to sell mine, lol but it wouldn't hurt to know how much my old-school bling is worth lol

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